Meet the RedHawk Team

Cory Burry Cory Burry, President

Cory was raised in Newfoundland with strong ties to both land and sea. His survival training began at a very young age at the side of his father and grandfather, a master mariner of the sea. Cory learned respect for the power of Mother Nature while working in intense conditions and has witnessed some of the worst seasonal storms in history - storms that required first hand emergency responders, and left devastating damage in their wake. Cory has had many first hand experiences with the need for emergency preparedness and has seen many unnecessary losses and unfortunate deaths due to lack of preparation. Since then, Cory has devoted his career to disaster and survival training and emergency preparedness for individuals, groups, organizations and industries. Cory enjoys spending time with his family and friends whether for a family dinner get together, a day on the water or trip to the woods and cabin.

Cory works on a daily basis with Fortune 500 company executive management, as well as private and public investors; Canadian Insurance Association; Federal and Provincial health and safety policy writers; the Canadian Law Association; various First Nations; Members of Transport Canada, Canadian Firearms Association, Canadian Emergency Management Agency, and Canadian Search & Rescue; Colleges and Universities throughout Canada; National Defense, Special Forces, Home Land Security, FEMA, and World Bank representatives; the President of Haiti, H2 and Lloyds of London.

Prepare Today For Confidence In Tomorrow!!