Wilderness Therapy Courses

Our wilderness therapy courses are intended for women emerging from abusive relationships, and others are intended for troubled youth. While Wilderness Therapy can involve a single client, generally it is practiced in a group. As participants engage in activities that involve risks and are called elements, they decide the degree of their own participation, referred to as " challenge by choice". As individuals, each member meets with challenges and triumphs and as they challenge their fear or inhibiting factors, they may be met with a course of affirming and supportive responses as other group members engage in the critical task of community building. Each individual sets a goal of personal growth assisted by facilitators and a competent wilderness therapist who helps participants make the connections between their experiences and their goal.

Wilderness Therapy takes place in the outdoors and "Wilderness" means a shift of contexts from the day to day technological trappings to being attentive to one's inner voice in combination with constructive criticism from others who share this experience.

Wilderness therapy can be practiced at any time of the year giving priority to client safety as they embrace the natural elements and a path has been laid so that group members are able to experience positive outcomes throughout. The caliber of certified recreational guides and a very well trained and experienced psychotherapist is quintessential as this pioneering form of therapy in Canada progresses from its infancy.

This form of therapy is conducive to very significant personal outcomes as participants engage physically, spiritually and emotionally to the most inward depths of their being

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