About RedHawk

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RedHawk Survival Training Institute aims to be Canada's leading survival training provider and emergency preparedness service. Our services are invaluable to major industries including oil companies, airports, land waste site, historical sites, construction sites, private sectors, schools, businesses and other corporations. We also provide the best emergency disaster kits that money can buy - and the training that goes with them to keep yourself and your family or business safe.

We offer expertly designed workplace, wilderness and marine survival and emergency disaster courses. There are many reasons for wanting to learn both workplace and wilderness survival skills. Reasons vary from the desire to develop a real connection to the natural world to wanting to be prepared for a natural or man-made disaster.

It is not a matter of IF a disaster is going to strike,

it is a matter of WHEN it is going to strike.

About This Institution

Cory Burry RedHawk Survival Training Institution provides advanced marine, wildlerness and natural disaster preparedness survival training including protocol guidance to recognize and apply safety measures, prevention, response and recovery protocol in various metropolitan, urban, rural, marine and remote wilderness locations and environments. RedHawk staff work hard to develop relationships with local, national and global aid responders, manufacturers, sponsors, and governing departments ,agencies, and associations, who understand the value of non- life threatening & life threatening emergencies, disasters, preventable events, first hand responses, including the scale of impact during the immediate and long term aftermath trauma and cost of such events.

We have also liasioned with other sponsors and major supporters such as energy drink manufacturers, survival equipment manufacturers, local hotels and motels, groups such as the Canadian Coast Guard, AMSEA, PEP, Sea Grant, Canadian Power & Sail Squadron, Fisheries & Oceans, Environment Canada, Transport Canada, Boat Watch Canada, outdoor sporting equipment manufacturers, food and fuel suppliers, local marinas and port authorities.

Our courses are not games, nor leisure adventure holidays trips on any level and should be readily recognized as bona fide life-saving survival preparedness, marine cold water training, natural disaster emergency response and recovery training. Our online urban emergency preparedness and basic wilderness courses will be launched in 2014 and can be taken in the comfort of your own home or office. These courses offer the essential knowledge and skills needed to deal with emergency disasters and afford peace of mind so you can enjoy safe, comfortable, and ecological wilderness experiences.

The cost of the RedHawk courses are very reasonable, especially when compared to the price paid if people do not take simple preventable steps due to a lack of training, which can easily result in needless deaths and major infrastructure damage on a larger scale that impacts everyone and may take years to recover.


Our Vision

To enhance industry standards by providing tested and proven survival training for Natural and Man Made Disasters, wilderness training, and advanced Marine Remote Wilderness Survival skills. We provide basic to advanced training theory online and can provide corporate group training in safety, wildlife protection, and survival. We also offer fun and safe outdoor and canoeing adventure excursions, perfect for company team-building and morale, family and school outings, or for singles and couples who wish to meet new people in the great outdoors.

Our vision is that every home, school, daycare, institution, corporation and civic building and service will be protected by our high quality kits, with trained leaders and personnel who have taken our exceptional preparatory training, and response teams equipped with cutting edge resources like our plan, special Operator kit, Hovercraft, Ecodomes, and other emergency shelters.

To become the Emergency and Survival experts called upon most by institutional members; provincial, national and local authorities; Canadian Coast Guard, SARR, First Nations, National Defense, PEP, the Red Cross to ensure the safety of societal infrastructure and the general public.

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